Twitter’s Reaction To Stephen Colbert’s New Late Show Gig

"The Colbert Report" Salutes The Troops

After speculating about who would take Letterman’s place when he retired in 2015 for what seemed like forever (about a week) CBS announced that Stephen Colbert would be leaving Comedy Central to host the Late Show.

Colbert has been in the news a lot recently after a controversial tweet was sent out from The Colbert Report’s official twitter account two weeks ago. The tweet, when taken out of context of a much longer comedy bit, appeared to be racist so some twitter users immediately started a #CancelColbert campaign that got everybody on both sides fired up.

The tweet as posted on March 27th and was quickly deleted.

“I am willing to show #Asian community I care by introducing the Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever.β€” The Colbert Report (@ColbertReport)”

It referenced a satirical Asian caricature that Colbert assumed in a segment about the Redskins which by the way he has used in the past. In the moment, many saw the tweet the way it was intended, as satire, but many were very offended and, like we said, the hashtag #CancelColbert spread quickly.

So yesterday, when it was announced that Stephen Colbert was leaving The Colbert Report to host the Late Show in 2015, it was as if comedians everywhere thought of the exact same joke and the exact same time and then…tweeted it.

And others got a little more creative with the joke.

Ok, ok, enough with the #CancelColbert tweets. Is it 2015 yet?


Hashtag Wars: Top 17 #WorseCoachellaBands


Today is the first day of the first weekend of the famous Coachella festival held out in the California desert. Where all kinds of so called music aficionados get together to listen to their favorite obscure bands (and do lots of drugs). Have you heard of some of the bands going? A$AP Ferg, Bo Ningen, Jhene’ Aiko. We asked 9 people to try to pronounce the Coachella bands names on camera as quickly as they could and it was a disaster to say the least. So please watch our Coachella Pronunciation Guide because you don’t want to be caught at Coachella slurring a band’s name. Unless you’re wasted. Which is likely if you’re partying at Coachella.

In the spirit of Coachella, @Midnight started a hashtag war with the hashtag #WorseCoachellaBands. When we started reading through the tweets, there were so many good ones we decided to include a few extra in our list today.

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Here are a few more of our favorite #WorseCoachellaBands

What’s Your Favorite Dating App? We’ve Got The Top 10 Tweets About Tinder

This week on our relationship show #DisHarmony, hosts Will Rubio and Nikki Limo review some of the best and worst dating apps out there.

It seems like the dating app, Tinder, has everybody tweeting. If you don’t know much about the app, essentially it uses facebook profile information to match up users. Tinder users then swipe through profile pictures of potentials matches. Swipe right and you’re a potential match. Swipe left and you’ll pass. If two people like each other, they can start chatting. Did we get that right?

If you’re currently addicted to Tinder, you’ll appreciate the 10 funniest tweets we found about the Tinder experience.

Tinder is terrifying. May you find whatever it is you’re looking for. Go love go!

Hashtag Wars: Top 10 #RejectedIceCream

Last night @Midnight started a hashtag war with the hashtag #RejectedIceCream. Now that’s a hashtag our overweight country, but no longer fattest country in the world (hooray for froyo!), can get behind! This is America and we love our ice cream! So of course, there were a lot of fantastic tweets to read through today.


We had fun with the hashtag as well.

Grab yourself a pint of Ben and Jerry (who cares what time it is!), sit back and enjoy our Top 10 #RejectedIceCream.

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The War On Breakfast: Would You Ever Pick Taco Bell Over McDonald’s?


Here at Daily Rehash we haven’t tried Taco Bell’s newest breakfast menu yet. Have you? Come on, tell the truth. There’s no shame here. (Maybe just a little.) Taco Bell is serious about making a name for themselves in the fast food breakfast world so much so that they’re going on the attack. In their newest ad, released yesterday, they do not beat around the bush.

But this ad isn’t the first to go directly after McDonald’s. Here’s another ad released a few weeks ago.

To counter Taco Bell’s attack, McDonald’s has offered a free small coffee to anyone who comes in for breakfast for most of April. Can the waffle taco really replace the McMuffin? Are you ready to let the McMuffin go? Both sides of the war on breakfast are speaking out on twitter.

Perhaps the only way to pick a side is to go out for a waffle taco. Pray for us.

May the war on breakfast end peacefully.

Hashtag Wars: Top 10 #RuinARomCom


There were SO many, SO many good tweets from last night’s hashtag war. Everybody got in on the #RuinARomCom action. We can’t decide if it’s because romantic comedies are so easy to make fun of or because we’ve all seen more of them than we’d like to admit and this was our chance to take back the 90 minutes of our lives we lost every time we watched one. Whatever the reason, the tweets went on and on the hashtag is STILL trending on twitter.

Even we got in on the action.

Reading through the tweets, we favorited more than we ever have before making this Top 10 one of the more difficult lists we’ve had to put together. And while some of you think you ruined the RomCom with your tweets, we’d argue that some of you may have actually improved the movie significantly. Check out our Top 10 #RuinARomCom tweets:

Well done, RomCom haters!

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ICYMI: The Best April Fool’s Day Prank of 2014

We talked a lot about April Fool’s Day here at Daily Rehash both on our blog and our show.

A few days after April Fool’s, this video surfaced and it is one of the best pranks we’ve seen in a while. Students at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan pranked their professor and he handled it like a champ. In his classroom the rule is that if your phone rings and interrupts class you have to answer it on speaker in front of everyone. So as planned, a student’s phone rang and it got REALLY awkward. Check it out.

It’s obvious this guy is a great teacher especially because his first instinct was to apologize. We can only imagine that for a few seconds there he thought he was going to get fired.

Well done!