YouTube Music Awards: November 3, 2013

Are you excited about the first ever YouTube Music Awards? Did you even know there will be a first ever Youtube Music Awards?


Well it’s happening and it will be hosted by the funny and hairy Jason Schwartzman. Need more info? Watch this video.

The nominees will be announced on October 17th at which point the voting will also begin. You decide who wins. The awards show will be live in New York City on November 3rd. Eminem and Lady Gaga are expected to headline.

With YouTube’s enormous viewership, this will be like the world series of music awards.

However, the event is sponsored by Kia, so we’ll probably have to endure more weird hamsters (although they’re looking pretty good these days).

UPDATE: The awards came and gone but we covered it for you:

One thought on “YouTube Music Awards: November 3, 2013

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